Common libraries that can interface with all types of microcontrollers such as AVR, PIC, PDK, 8051, etc. these libraries useful for interfacing with different type of devices like Sensors, LCDs, Modems etc.


DTMF 8870 or 9170 decoder LibraryThis library reads the signals of the DTMF 8870 or 9170 chip. If data is available one can read it raw (HEX) or as text…

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Lcd_mono Library Lcd_mono liquid crystal display library allows communication with Character (alphanumerical) liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This library allows all microcontroller and boards to control Character liquid crystal display (LCDs) based…

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NTC_temperature_sensor Library NTC_temperature_sensor Basic library for all microcontrollers and board that reads a NTC thermistor from an analog pin. that Provides a NTC temperature sensor reading in Celsius, Fahrenheit. Connect…

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