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Lcd_mono liquid crystal display library allows communication with Character (alphanumerical) liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This library allows all microcontroller and boards to control Character liquid crystal display (LCDs) based on the Hitachi HD44780 (or a compatible) chipset, which is found on most mono (text-based) LCDs. The library works with in either 4 or 8 bit mode (i.e. using 4 or 8 data lines in addition to the RS, E and optional RW control lines.)  The Lcd_mono liquid crystal display library is chock full of handy functions, functions for scrolling text to blinking the LCD screen and pretty much everything in between.  You will quickly find out that understanding how the cursor works is vital to controlling the display properly. The library work with 16×2, 16×4, 20×2,  20×4, 40×2,40×4 etc… Character liquid crystal display (LCDs).

How to define pins for Character liquid crystal display in MikroStudio
#define Lcd_RS P0,0  // LCD RS pin @ P0,0
#define Lcd_EN P0,1  // LCD EN pin @ P0,1
#define Lcd_D4 P0,2  // LCD Data-4 @ P0,2
#define Lcd_D5 P0,3  // LCD Data-5 @ P0,3
#define Lcd_D6 P0,4  // LCD Data-6 @ P0,4
#define Lcd_D7 P0,5  // LCD Data-7 @ P0,5
Following functions can be used by this library.
void Lcd_Init(void);            // for initializing from HW_INI()
void Lcd_Nibble(char);          // write data 4-bit
void Lcd_Byte(char);            // write data 8-bit         
void Lcd_Command(char);         // write LCD Command   (0x01)       
void Lcd_Char(char);            // write LCD Char      ('a')
void Lcd_String(char *);        // write Lcd String *  ("hi LCD")
void Lcd_Goto_Addr(char addr);  // Cursor goto address (address)
void Lcd_Set_Pos(char , char ); // set cursor position (line , address)
void Lcd_No_Blink();            // Lcd Display on, Cursor Off
void Lcd_Cursor_On();           // Lcd Display on, Cursor On
void Lcd_Cursor_Blink();        // Lcd Display on, Cursor Blinking
void Lcd_Clear();               // Lcd clear
void Lcd_Scroll_Left();         // Lcd shift entire Display left 
void Lcd_Scroll_Right();        // Lcd shift entire Display right
void Lcd_Cursor_Shift_Right();  // Move cursor right by One address
void Lcd_Cursor_Shift_Left();   // Move cursor left by One address
Basic corcuit.
Character liquid crystal display
lcd display circuit
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